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In a world that has the potential for magnificence, the Center is dedicated to spreading positivity throughout society.


About Us

Our Mission

     What if joy were available as a more long-lasting emotion, even a permanent place one could always access? And what if wisdom were available to everyone from within, not just a matter of intellect, but a matter of tapping into one's innate intuition? 

     Most people believe we can become moderately happy and moderately smart. Joy seems to be something for an occasional flash of feeling, and wisdom is set aside for geniuses. 

     However, neuroscience and positive psychology have revealed methods whereby joy can be attained in deeper ways and more permanently than previously thought. 

     Wisdom, too, can be acquired through psychological practices that make decision-making more reliable and that even raise the IQ. 

     The Joy and Wisdom Center is dedicated to promoting these leaps forward in human development. 

We Develop Better Mindsets

The Center's initial work includes projects to -- 

  • Help youth thrive in higher education through success trainings for students and instructors.
  • Give webinars for the pursuit of whole-person fitness, including brain health, emotional health and good nutrition. 
  • Give trainings in innovation, imagination and ethical commitment for science, the arts and business. 
  • Give webinars for the replacement of media and social programming by  positive, self-caring self-empowerment.
  • Nationally, in local communities, create small-group Positive Action Circles for personal growth and beneficial community projects.
  • Create media campaigns to develop mindsets for ethics, positivity, cooperation and celebration. 

How You Can Participate

  • Join or start a Positive Action Circle in a local community. 
  • Join a training for Positive Action Circle facilitators.
  • Sign up for a training in whole-person fitness, innovation or self-empowerment. 
  • Come to a celebration, concert or arts & crafts event. 
  • Sponsor one of our free/low-cost educational programs for college students and teachers. 
  • Sponsor a national social media campaign for ethics and positivity. 
  • Make a contribution to support our general operations and our relocation to New Mexico.
  • By all means sign up for our e-mail list below. 

See tabs at the top of the page to learn more. Reach out to us at the Contact Us tab and we'll send you information on trainings and events as they become available. 

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