Our Philosophy

Ethical Positivity as a Growing and Spreading Phenomenon


teaches enlightened self-love, self-comfort, self-appreciation beyond selfishness. 

     We are shameless promoters of optimism and ethics. With many philosophers, we believe that existence is inherently positive, and that apparent flaws and failings have no independent life of their own, but are simply lacks of what should be there. Evil is not a force against goodness, but a “hole” in the fabric of goodness. 

     Positivity combines ethics and optimism. It goes beyond categories, labels and ideologies. Studies show that positive attitudes greatly enhance business success, learning and mental and emotional well being. 

     How can our world achieve magnificence? By following the tide of human moral evolution. In medieval times in the west, life was a hard struggle for the great majority, so people developed comforting ideas about an afterlife. Gradually, people developed the idea that the individual is worthy and has the potential to change the environment. Now we can see that we can bless ourselves with peace and universal prosperity, if we only choose to build and promote our well being and eliminate the obstacles. It may not be easy, but it is completely doable, through committing to positivity. 

     A constantly positive, ethical, loving outlook can drive out the detrimental elements that have taken so much  power today, and bring us all home.